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6" Canvas Wrap - ACM-CW6 Poly Slump Set - ACM-3K Perfa-Cure - ACM-CURE MINI
Our Price: $8.00
Our Price: $122.00
Our Price: $550.00
Canvas-nylon cylinder wrap for 6" diameter concrete test cylinders prevent damage to the cylinder in transit & minimizes shattering while being tested for compressive strength. Wraps are secured by velcro strips.

Shipping Info: 8" x 8" x 8) - 1 lbs.
ACM-31- Easy to clean, economical, & lightweight Poly Slump Base with strong adjustable hold down clamps and rod clamps to hold tamping rod which doubles as a carrying handle (scoop fits inside cone). New economical way to protect concrete test specimens in the field.  Thermostatically controlled for that "Set it and forget it" set up.  Perfect for curing test specins in the fall/winter seasons.  1/3 the cost of some of the other models available.
Psychrometer / Thermo-Hygrometer -SAM990DW Steel Beam Mold - ACM-4B Type B Air Meter Only - ACM-6A
Our Price: $118.00
Our Price: $78.00
Our Price: $545.00

A digital psychrometer with a Microprocessor based design that displays wet bulb, dew point, humidity and temperature (°F or °C readings) all in one, without any twirling or charts necessary

High quality 6” x 6” x 20” - 1/8” thick heavy gauge hinge-free steel beam mold for flexural strength tests. The AR-B air meter is one of the most precise air measuring devices available.
Plastic Curing Cover - ACM-7PC Liners - ACM-22 The Cube Maker - ACM-2K
Our Price: $22.00
Our Price: $89.50
Our Price: $245.00
1/2" Plastic Curing Cover Replacement disposable clear plastic liners designed for use with the ACM-2K Cube Maker™ System. 198 units per case (66 tests). The Cube Maker™ utilizes disposable polypropylene mold liners that fit into a permanent three-gang aluminum frame.
SCC J-BOARD - ACM-SCC-J BOARD Coarse Sieve Cleaning Brush - ACM-TSA-172 Fine Sieve Cleaning Brush - ACM-TSA-170
Our Price: $190.00
Our Price: $8.00
Our Price: $13.00
The J-Ring Test Set contains everything you need to determine the ability of SCC (Self Consolidated Concrete) mixtures to flow around rebar and other reinforcing structures in concrete forms. Coarse Sieve Cleaning Brush has an 8-1/2 in. curved plastic handle with 1-1/2 in. x 1-3/4 in. of slanted brass wire bristles, perfect for No.30 and coarser wire cloth in round sieves.

Shipping Info: 9" x 5" x 4") - 1 lbs.
Fine Sieve Cleaning Brush is ideal for cleaning No. 16 and finer sieves. Soft bristle, nickeled steel ferrule, lacquered wood handle, 1-1/4 in. diameter and 5-3/4 in. long.

Shipping Info: 9" x 5" x 4") - 1 lbs.

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